November 9 / 2014

A Look That Never Goes Out of Style…

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The summer of 2011 saw white as the peek of true chic in the realm of floral and event design. Truth be told, however, whites never fade out of season. As we head into fall, the demand for white, creams, ivories and others of the ashen spectrum continue to permeate throughout the design landscape.

Ovando at Pearl River HiltonOvando at Pearl River Hilton


A recent evening at the Pearl River Hilton saw white orchids, callas, delphiniums and other flowers, furniture and accoutrements in beautiful abundance.

Ovando at Pearl River Hilton Ovando at Pearl River Hilton



Ovando’s signature arrangements were strewn together to create patterned tablescapes, finished off with satin linens, warm spotlighting and the glow of each perfectly positioned votive. The clean contours of the chosen La Marie chairs finished the grand ballroom off with contemporary appeal.

Ovando at Pearl River Hilton



Whites were woven into the lounge and cocktail spaces as well:

Stylized bunches of delphiniums were perfectly poised in one room. And, in another room, phalaenopsis orchids entwined in a sculpted steal grass spout climbed their way up through a  plexiglass fountain.

Ovando Look6 Ovando at Pearl River Hilton



Guests lounged upon white island sofas to admire the decor. Others gathered in conversation amongst the white rectangular tufted benches, paired next to a modern mirror and square chrome coffee table.

Ovando at Pearl River Hilton



Ovando’s ever-beloved calla lilies made an appearance as well, afloat in our signature vision vases.

Ovando at Pearl River Hilton


Admiring the ballroom from a far, we indeed concluded that whites simply never go out of style or season.

Ovando at Pearl River Hilton


And from what we’re told, the lovely lady in white whole heatedly agreed.

Photos by Photomuse.

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