About Sandra

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Sandra_WEBUnquestionably so, Sandra de Ovando was fated to become an influential force in New York’s design milieu. Born in Mexico City to Spanish and Russian parents, Sandra fell in love with nature, flowers and bold colors at a very young age when she spent countless weekends gardening with her mother. “I was fascinated with the intrinsic beauty of flowers and loved to spend hours mismatching different colors, shapes and blossoms,” she remembers. Later, in her travels throughout Europe and Asia, Sandra discovered exotic flowers, plants and fruits that she began incorporating into her designs, there the signature style was born that today defines Ovando’s dynamic compositions and custom installations.

Intent on indulging her bright passion for design, Sandra moved to New York and launched into several successful entrepreneurial ventures in the design industry. In 2003, she opened Ovando’s West Village luxury boutique, marking the culmination of Sandra’s life journeys and artful expertise. The space was accredited for its distinctive décor and brilliantly crafted window installations, and Sandra’s dramatic compositions, recognized for their love of color and natural sophistication, quickly became the favorite of New York’s elite, including celebrities, high-end restaurants, fashion houses and luxury hotels.

Today, after sizable expansion, including the opening of a 2,500 square foot production studio, a second boutique on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the release of a luxury candle collection, Recuerdos de Mexico (Memories of Mexico), and the launch of a dedicated event production wing, Ovando has blossomed into one of New York’s most sought after floral design and event production firms. Under Sandra’s direction and impeccable eye, the company continues to break ground and win international acclaim for its work with prestigious clients to the likes of Hermes, The US Open Tennis Association, Donna Karan, Four Seasons, Saks Fifth Avenue and The MoMA, to name only a few. With stunning work spanning the gamut between floral installations to custom props and moody lighting to the full-scale construction of breathtaking displays and environments, Ovando is a dazzling celebration of form, function, and flowers.

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