November 9 / 2014

Black Swan

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For me, flowers are the medium through which delicacy meets urban contemporary, as is often inspired by the eclecticism that is New York— art, fashion, and truly stand out architecture and design.  This is what drives Ovando’s work and enables us to create such stand out design: compositions that are anything but simplistic.

Black Swan Ovando2

Fortunately, we’re lucky to have truly exceptional clients that trust our vision and provide Ovando with the platform to explore this creative calling.

Black Swan Ovando3


Recently, Ovando partnered with Swarovski on a product launch that aimed to merge romanticism with modernity. It was a match made in heaven.  Or shall we say… purgatory?

Black Swan Ovando4

Inspired by the theatricality of the recent film success, Black Swan, Ovando aimed to recreate this atmosphere where pure beauty meets stunning wickedness.

Black Swan Ovando5


Black feathers paired with boldly feminine colors cultivated a bewitchingly dramatic look. Tailored lighting, dark carpet runners, & stylized ballerina mannequins were fashioned to further elaborate upon this theatrical yin and yang expanse.

Black Swan Ovando7 Black Swan Ovando6

And, of course, no backstage atmosphere would be complete without a proper dressing room, adorned with makeup and inspirational photos to motivate our muse before she takes the stage.

Black Swan Ovando9

The floral installation was a perfect paradigm of art meets nature, beauty meets beast. And it was also an excellent example of why we love what we do.

Photos by Photomuse.

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