October 31 / 2014

Bridal Beauty: An Official Welcome to Merci New York

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Flowers are our love, but it’s always quite the treat for us to share in a behind-the scenes peak at some of the other industries that never cease to inspire us. Hence why today is such an exciting day…! As we recently unveiled, Ovando will begin to partner with several other contributors across a colorful gamut of arts-related industries. Today, we are so truly thrilled to welcome Jacqueline Weppner of Merci New York as Ovando’s Bridal Stylist Contributor!  Since its launch in 2009, Merci New York has been an endless source of inspiration to Ovando as well as to the extended fashion milieu. So, without further ado, over to you, Jacqueline!


Merci New York is thrilled to join Ovando as their resident bridal fashion contributor.  As event and fashion stylists, we understand the importance of weaving chic, fashionable details into your big day.  We are excited to share our inspirations outside of our site and onto Ovando’s blog!


In a few short days, Bridal Market will be in full swing and I’ll be sitting along the runway, ready to share the latest trends of the season.  But whether the designers opt for long ethereal gowns or short, flouncy dresses, one trend will never go out of style: The hunt for the perfect wedding day shoe.

Ovando-Merci-New-York-Wedding-Shoes-2 Ovando-Merci-New-York-Wedding-Shoes-3

In reason seasons, I’ve seen brides transcend from standard white Manolos to a plethora of gorgeously colored shoes, adorned with lace, bows, sparkle and chiffon.  It’s the perfect way to break from tradition and inject a bit of personal style into your big day {albeit under layers of tulle}.  Luckily, the days of the white satin slingback are gone, and in its wake are a slew of sparkly styles that can be worn long after the wedding day is over.


Being a bit of a girly girl myself, I’ve long opted for flirty, feminine shoes, and I never have trouble finding them at Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Pedro Garcia and Kate Spade.

I’ve woven a few of Merci’s hand picked favorites through this post… but we still want to know, what do your wedding day shoes look like?!

About Merci New York


The Merci New York blog edits the massive world of weddings into a refined niche of the most chic and stylish resources. Our daily posts showcase elegant and relevant inspiration, products and services that match the polished taste level of the busy city bride. Sophisticated, but never snobby, Merci discerns between glamour and gauche in the voice of a fun and fashionable friend, providing honest and on-point bridal inspiration in style-driven fields such as fashion, décor, stationery, photography and more. Owned and written by Jacqueline Weppner, a Manhattan event and fashion stylist with an extensive career in the fashion industry, the Merci New York concept slowly evolved after her own wedding and was officially branded in the summer of 2009. It quickly sparked a strong following of chic brides and influential industry professionals. Merci New York has been featured in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, Brides New York, The Knot, and several other publications. Merci New York: “Chic and stylish inspiration for the busy city bride.” ™

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