November 9 / 2014

Bridal Style: The Launch of M & J Trimming’s Bridal Salon

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With clients to the likes of Betsey Johnson, Christian Dior and The Metropolitan Opera, M & J Trimmings has commanded the fashion industry for over 70 years with its quality fabrics and trimmings. And situated just a hop, skip and a jump away from Ovando’s production studio in the flower and garment district, we’ve long been adoring fans. You can then only imagine our delight when we caught wind of the recent launch of M & J Bridal Salon, the innovative division dedicated to bridal gowns and accessories!

Ovando and M J Trimmings Bridal Salon1

At the recent New York Weddings event, Ovando had the opportunity to chat more with M & Jabout the company’s vision. As many of us can attest to, today’s savvy bride is especially focused on making certain that every aspect of her wedding décor is a true-blue reflection of her style as well as her personality. Precisely so, M & J Bridal Salon offers each bride the option to truly achieve the one of a kind look that they’ve been dreaming of! From styles and cuts to colors and length, brides are able to completely customize their veils as well as add exquisitely embellished details to their bridal gowns.  Veils can even include Swarovski crystals, lace and bespoke beading.

Ovando and M J Trimmings Bridal Salon2

M & J’s Bridal Expert, Laurie Savino, also took the time to share her thoughts with Ovando regarding upcoming trends for summer! Laurie, over to you…

Hi everyone, we are more than thrilled to be featured on Ovando’s Blog! As many of you know, summer is definitely prime wedding season. Brides-to-be are very busy tending to the finishing touches for their weddings.  M & J is thus eager to lend an insider’s eye into the big Summer 2011 trends…a sort of cliff notes if you will!

Head Piece & Veil Trends

Flowers and Feathers: Soft flowers and romantic luxurious feathers are very popular with brides this season. Feathers can be worn in the hair all year long, while flowers are great accessories for Spring and Summer Brides. These accessories can be worn with your hair up or down.

Ovando and M J Trimmings Bridal Salon3

Side Headbands: When a bride wants sparkle without the look of a tiara, side headbands are a great alternative. These styles are usually asymmetrical in design with great sparkle. They can be worn tilted up slightly or flush to head. Wedding Day hair can be up or down.

Combs & Pins: Just want a little sparkle in the hair? Try a small comb or a set of three pins to complement your dress. Wedding Day Hair set of pins would look beautiful with a soft updo and the combs either up or down.

Ovando and M J Trimmings Bridal Salon4

Veil Trends: Brides this summer either want a Cage or Bird veil with a beautiful fascinator. Or they are choosing a long clean veil with simple scattered beading to enhance their gown.

Dress Trends

Ruffles, Roses and Swirls of Fabric: Whimsical and romantic soft dresses are the trend for 2011. Dresses with voluminous skirts made of feathers, flowers and swirls of fabric to make a dreamy entrance, with one shoulder fit and flare silhouettes, and lots of soft layers.

Ovando and M J Trimmings Bridal Salon5

Short Dresses: These days, many brides are wearing two dresses. The first dress is for the ceremony and grand entrance.  While the second is just as beautiful it is worn for the second half of the big day. The second dress is usually a short dress with a great pair of heels. The bride usually changes when it is time to cut the cake, and dance the night away.

Ovando and M J Trimmings Bridal Salon6 Ovando and M J Trimmings Bridal Salon7

Belts and Sashes: As we saw with Princess Catherine’s second dress, beaded belts have become a very important accessory this year. You can choose a small center appliqué or a wide beaded crystal belt.

Thanks again for all the great bridal style tips and tricks, Laurie. And to all of our lovely readers, don’t forget to steal a peek at other seasonal bridal trends on M & J’s new blog!

All images courtesy of M & J Bridal Salon.

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