October 31 / 2014

Caligraphy Couture: Cheers to Ellen Weldon Design

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The turn of the seasons can be bittersweet…goodbye to weekend escapades to those beloved Hamptons beaches, hello to those magnificently rich colors of fall.

Ovando Fall Flowers1

And speaking of fall colors, yesterday evening’s floral arranging class, “Fall Flowers,” gave 15 lucky participants the chance to share in Ovando’s unyielding love of the fall season.

Ovando Fall Flowers2

As Sandra de Ovando explained, fall is the perfect opportunity to play with bold textures and rich color palettes. Elements like brunia, scabiosa pods, and curly willow offer  wonderful depth to a floral composition. Next, mingle in an abundant mixture of tawny foliage with deep red and vibrant yellow accents…what’s not to love?

Ovando Fall Flowers3

Alas, we do hope that having this gorgeous composition will help bring some fall flair into your home… and perhaps it’ll even help ease you into the changing tide.

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