November 9 / 2014

Eco-Friendly Finesse

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Wednesday evening was an incredible evening. Not only did we have the opportunity to create a beautiful centerpiece arrangement with our floral design class, but we also had the opportunity to discuss the importance of sustainability in the realm of floral design.

Eco-Friendly Finesse Ovando

As we discussed with class participants, the launch of Ovando’s Sustainable Collection in 2010 really helped propel our awareness of eco-friendly design…There was certainly a lot to learn! And even while much of the onus still resides with the farms and growers themselves, companies today can no longer neglect their role in the matter.

Eco-Friendly Finesse Ovando

Eco-Friendly Finesse Ovando



Ovando’s class offered participants insight into the 3 major elements of sustainability: environmental sustainability, social & economic ecology, and product integrity. And albeit an introductory measure, we’re happy to say that our Sustainable Collection does make a commitment to work with recycled and biodegradable materials, as well as to work with local growers and rapidly renewable materials.  And, if we may say so ourselves, each design is nothing short of spectacular!

Eco-Friendly Finesse OvandoEco-Friendly Finesse Ovando


For those of you who were unable to make it to Wednesday’s evening’s class, not to fret…We invite you to our class on floral terrariums on May 18th ! The terrarium may not be quite as delicious as our Fields of Green composition, but it will be certain to woo you nonetheless!

Eco-Friendly Finesse Ovando7Eco-Friendly Finesse Ovando

Photos by Ovando.

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