November 9 / 2014

Fall Frenzy

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The pastel pinks have deepened into rich Burgundy hues. Such is the exquisite ebb and flow of the seasons. Brides and event planners, however, often tell us that they feel challenged by the somewhat delimited colors of fall. Rest assured: there are plenty of ways to incorporate more creative twists and turns into your fall event décor…


Trend #1: Think texture

We all love the lush colors of traditional fall flowers like plum roses, aubergine calla lilies and firebrick dahlias. Take your designs one step-further by introducing less conventional floral elements which add visual depth and textural intrigue.  Craspedia, coxcomb, peacock feathers, fiddlehead ferns and lotus pods will add just the textural accent that you’re looking for.


Trend #2: A geometry lesson

In an effort to move beyond traditional fall décor while still incorporating some of those wonderful fall colors, fashion your flowers in a mixed variety of vases of different shapes and sizes. The combination of geometric forms brings a modern and dynamic look to your design while the rich fall colors introduce a sense of fluidity. Mismatched urns and rustic pots go nicely together, or else think about using glass vases of different shapes and sizes.

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Trend #3: Flowering Branch Frenzy

Tall arrangements that incorporate seasonal flowering branches are both cost-effective and fashionable for fall. Our favorites include plum, pear and maple branches which offer a wonderfully rustic look, ever so popular in the past few years. The red to pinkish foliage of a burning bush is also beautiful for autumn. These flowering bushes tend to cater to audiences who enjoy a rustic look but also want to mix in a slightly plusher feel.


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Trend #4: The Ever-Stylish Succulent

The fleshy leaves and linear contours of our beloved succulents have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years, both amongst designers and brides alike. Succulents are not confined by the seasons, and many varieties come in fall-appropriate blends of green, aubergine and burgundy. Succulents can be mixed with fall flowers like dahlias, callas, antique hydrangea, and seasonally-colored roses.

Fall Frenzy Ovando5


Trend #5: Fruitful thinking

The incorporation of fruit and vegetables is wonderfully à la mode for fall. Cranberries, applies and chiles inject emphatic color, while vegetable picks like artichoke, kale, and cabbage introduce hardy texture.



Surely these trends will help spice up your season. And the possibilities truly are endless. Give us a call…we’d love to show you!

Photos by Matthew Hanlon Photography.

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