November 11 / 2014

Fashion on the Courts

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Fashion_Ovando_Tennis-Ball As the official floral designer of the US Open (our third year in a row!), Ovando is gearing up to present a radiant line-up of sculptural arrangements and themed floral creations in the hospitality area and in select sponsored suites. Ovando is making a green, white, and yellow splash across the entirety of The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

While each match comes fully-equipped with ferocious high-paced volley, the intensity of highbrow fashionistas observing closely alongside the 700,000+ attendees will be just as exciting. This year, Ovando is drawing inspiration from such tennis icons as Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, in addition to a retinue of fashion icons like Anna Wintour. Our floral creations are certain to create a brilliant splash.

Yellow pompom buttons, strategically positioned on a court of wheat grass, come together to offer a more literal interpretation of a US Open match.

Fashion_Ovando_us-open-bouquets21(Above Left:) Working with a spherical subject, this floating flower ball appears to lay effortlessly within the square court. In actuality, each player, as represented by the flower ball, is struggling to stay above water and defeat their dexterous opponents.

(Above Right:) A loop of ever-chic lily grass emerges into a carefully fashioned bundle of Phalaenopsis orchids. The arrangement celebrates the fluidity and grace of the US Open players as well as the escalation and triumph of the ultimate winner.

May the best contestant win!

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