November 11 / 2014

Florals at the Fringe

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LittleShop41Subtly playing their roles, florals and plant life have a powerful effect on the tone of a movie. An organic element in any scene, large plant life builds strong imagery, transforming a lighthearted, welcoming scene into a chilling stage, establishing an aura of uncertainty to a horror film, such as the opening scene in Halloween. Plush, fruitful foliage set the stage of a quiet peaceful, town while dead, barren trees create a sterile environment invoking danger and caution.

Meanwhile, flowers speak the language of love, compassion, spirituality, kindness, and care. The Rose in particular has a vast variation of meanings: red for love, black for death, deep burgundy for unconscious beauty, white for purity and innocence. The study of floriography and its adaptability in anthropomorphism is endless.

Tim-Burton-MoMA-Tablescape-540x303Ovando honed this adaptable aspect of plants and flowers to create extraordinary installations at the MoMA’s annual film benefit honoring Tim Burton. Inspired by over two decades of the film icon’s movies, our step-and-repeat installations and tablescapes created a sense of movement with orchids, roses and moss tangled among Wisteria vines.  Adding tea light candles to glax leaves created the appearance of light emerging from the plantlife themselves – as if they were coming to life, just like Little Shop of Horrors.

During the upcoming Fringe Festival this August, we invite you to take note of the inventive uses of flowers and plants in film. Let your eye catch colors, textures and patterns constructed to expose tones through your emotions.

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