November 9 / 2014

(F)otography Flash: How Can You Help Your Wedding Photographer? Part 2

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To all of our beloved New Yorkers, we do sincerely hope that you enjoyed your post-Christmas snow day as much as we did! And to all of you January brides, we also hope that the white flurries don’t have you all aflutter. Alas, we’re excited to welcome back Kristin from Photomusewho just may be able to quell any potential jitters. If you saw last week’s post on “How Can You Help Your Wedding Photographer?” Photomuse shared several super insightful tips for the weeks and days leading up to the big day. Today Kristin is here to share more tips on ways in which you and your photographer can work together to guaranty the most gorgeous wedding day photos! Over to you, Kristin…

Thanks, Ovando. I’m happy to be back and equally as excited about the snowy festivities! And yes, while it may be difficult to saunter down the slushy sidewalk in those fabulous wedding day heels, we’re certainly not going to let a little snow get in the way! And so, our suggestions for your Special Day…


Regulations: Again, the officiate may have a set of rules for photographers during the ceremony. Some examples include no flash, off-limits area of the venue and/or restrictions as to when a photographer can shoot. Knowing these constraints ahead of time will help your photographer prepare properly.

Guests in the Aisle: It’s understandable that wedding guests will try to sneak in their own photos during the bride’s walk down the aisle. This, however, can often make it difficult for the actual hired photographer to capture clean shots. There have been times when the bride is entirely hidden by all of the other guests who excitedly clutter into the aisle. No photographer wants to upset the guests, but no photographer wants to miss such an important shot! To keep things in check, a simple suggestion might be to include a note in the program asking guests to be considerate of the wedding phographer. Otherwise, ask the officiate to make an announcement prior to the commencement of the ceremony.

Formals & Reception:

Allow Enough Time for Formals: I am so appreciative when I have a good amount of time to shoot your formals. While I am prepared for whatever time limitations are handed my way, do remember that more time generally enables your photographer to take more playful and artistic shots.

Important Guests: If there are any important guests that you want photographed, it’s helpful to “assign” a bridal party member or family member to point them out to your photographer. Alternatively, have these guests wear a  distinctive corsage or boutonnière. This will clue your photographer in on the importance of capturing photos of these guests.

Throughout the Day:

Coordination: Please keep in mind that your photographer is your not wedding coordinator. Our work depends on being alert and aware of everything that happens. Each moment we aren’t behind the camera is a potential photograph missed.

Wardrobe: When shopping, keep in mind that it’s important to find a dress(es) that is comfortable and doesn’t require too many adjustments. If you spend all night pulling and tugging at your dress, the chances are that this will show up in your photos. Also important? … dresses that will defy gravity in the midst of intense boogie woogie moments!

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Post Wedding Day:

The #1 item to help your photographer? If you are happy with the job he/she did, spread the word. We survive on word of mouth referrals. Gossip as much as you’d like about us! We love to feel our ears ringing!

I hope this list is helpful in your planning! I am entirely indebted to that special couple for asking that seemingly simple question. The question helped me see what I do in a new way, one that I feel is beneficial to my future clients. We all learn from each other because wedding days are collaborations in the truest sense, and we are all invested in making it a terrific day. Most of all, breathe deeply, smile at each other and enjoy what the day really is meant to be about with each other.

Thank you for these incredible suggestions, Kristin, and we look forward to hearing more from you again soon. And to all of you soon-to-be- brides and grooms, don’t hesitate to reach out with any of your helpful hints!

All photos by Photomuse.

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