November 9 / 2014

(F)otography Flash: Modern Arrangements

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Holiday cheer was in no small abundance at Wednesday evening’s flower class “Modern Arrangements (make the perfect holiday gift!)”. We snipped, plucked and tucked, and giggled all evening long. And the fruits of our labor? This holiday inspired Textural Expressions arrangement!


While only 15 lucky guests are permitted at each of our monthly classes, there’s no reason that the rest of you shouldn’t join in the fun.  And so, our gift to our readers this holidays season? This fabulously fun 10-step-guide on how to recreate this gorgeous arrangement for your own holiday dinner!

Ovando Floral Festivities1



  • 15 dogwood branches
  • 10 stems of red freedom roses
  • 5 stems of red spray roses
  • 5 bunches of Leucadendron
  • 3 stems of Mokara orchids
  • 1 stem of holly
  • floral wire
  • clippers
  • 7l x 7h x 2d vase

Ovando Floral Festivities2


1.     Measure your dogwood branches against the side of the vase (15 sticks)

2.     Trim the dogwood branches so that the ends cut at 1.5 inches above your vase. (Each of your 15 sticks should produce 3 dogwood pieces).

3.     Once your dogwood branches are evenly trimmed, gather sticks into a compact bunch and tightly wind a piece of floral wire around the bottom of the bunch. (1 inch from the bottom of the bunch)

4.     Gently force the bundle into your vase and then fan the sticks out from the top, working to create an upside down triangle.

5.     Clean your spray roses. Measure and trim.

6.     Place spray roses so that the flower heads lay just above the tips of your dogwood sticks. Work about 5 roses into each side of the vase.

7.     Clean your freedom roses, measure and trim.

8.     Being to add your freedom roses to the composition, looking to fill holes between the spray roses and the dogwood sticks.

9.     Repeat steps 7-8 with both the Leucadendron stems and lastly your Mokara orchid stems.

10. Cut your sprig of holly in half. Place this as an accent flower in the placement of your choice.

Ovando Floral Festivities3


Et voila, newly armed with boasting rights and design savvy, we do hope you’ll have an even happier holiday season!

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