November 9 / 2014

Gail Green, Ovando & LXTV

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Sundays are not only a day for hardy doses of R&R. They are also the launch of LXTV’s weekly “Open House” series, featuring insider tips from the savviest design professionals. We had a blast filming last November’s segment featuring Sandra de Ovando’s tips on “Bringing your home to life using flowers!” We were therefore all the more excited when Gail Green & Company, interior designers extraordinaire, asked us to fashion the florals for her recent LXTV segment.

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And, because we’ve long loved the smart designs coming from Gail Green’s firm, we were extremely curious to get a little more detail on the company’s aesthetic as well as creative inspirations.


Tell us a bit about how Gail Green Designs got started?

Gail Green & Company, Interior Design began in 1985.  Prior to my firm’s inception, I worked for David Estreich Architects through whom I met my first client while working on a project.  She was a well-know figure in the design world and wanted a more modern feel to her apartment, one that blended well with its architecture.  Sharing my aesthetic sensibility, she asked me to help design her apartment.  Though I was then a Literature professor, specializing in interdisciplinary studies, she intuited my interior design potential.  Upon completion of her apartment, she recommended me to ten clients, giving my business a great start.

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How would you explain the creative vision of Gail Green and Company Interior Designs?

Gail Green’s vision is synesthetic; that is, the influence of perception through the senses.   By perceiving certain archetypal forms expressed in nature, I was able to reinterpret those basic shapes, geometric or organic, into sensible, ordered elements.  It is looking at the world through all the senses – feeling, hearing, smelling, touching.  All of these are essential aspects of creating a successful living environment.  Of particular interest to me are painting, physics, and music.  In addition, my eye moves from the general to the specific, focusing on attention to details and quality workmanship.

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What is it that you love most about your job?

I am most passionate about building a beautiful room from scratch.  Like the phoenix that starts from nothing, a space is created from intangible ideas and then fulfilled via concrete objects. It is very satisfying to see and feel this evolving process come to fruition.  Sharing and building this unified vision of their home with my clients is most gratifying.  I also love finding unique ateliers that specialize in creating exquisitely designed labors of love.

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What inspires your work?

Literature, art, architecture, and jewelry inspire my work.  Specifically, the Viennese Moderns – Hoffmann, Loos, the Pre-Raphaelites and other visionaries who see design as simply a branch of a larger tree.  This Renaissance approach weds all the arts together, drawing relationships between them. It is a unified vision.

Tell us about one of the most interesting projects you’ve ever worked on?

I recently had the opportunity of working on an apartment for an art-collector and his wife.  Understanding the artistic sensibility and the need for originality, they were very obliging to imaginative flights. In particular, I designed a sandblasted glass frieze that also housed a unique railing system for their art.  The frieze brought coherency to the room in defining spatial boundaries as well as functioning as a beautiful artistic element.  In addition, they allowed and encouraged the use of boutique design ateliers who created for them unique furniture, works of art.Gail Green Ovando  LXTV2

We were so excited to create the floral arrangements for your apartment, as featured on LXTV’s recent episode of “Open House”. Tell us a bit about your apartment.

Most unique about my apartment is the flow of space and its successful marriage to the furniture.  There is a special tension created between modern architectural elements and the traditional feel of a gracious Park Avenue apartment.   Partial, full, and half walls create vistas that give a light, open, airy feeling to the apartment.  In this same way, color permeates throughout the public spaces, each room relating to its neighbor.  The furniture – an admix of Vienna Moderne and Art Moderne – build upon those aesthetic sensibilities.

Thank you, Gail, for sharing your work with us. And for any of you who missed last Sunday’s show, stay tuned to LXTV (NBC Channel 4) on Sunday, June 12th for a second airing at 8:30 am!

Photos courtesy of Gail Green & Company

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