November 9 / 2014

One-on-One with Sandra and Eat Love Savor Magazine

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Luxury is more than just a label, it’s a way of life. It involves discerning taste, sensory experiences and savoring life in a meaningful way. Such is the maxim of beautiful luxury magazine, Eat Love Savor , motivating and accompanying women on their journey towards a more luxurious lifestyle. Be it a polished page featuring stunning travels suggestions, elegant marketplace pieces or insightful one-on-one interviews, the magazine offers a refreshing and enchanting perspective on how to experience the world around you.


We recently had the opportunity to meet Editor in Chief, Angela M. Tunner, to chat about Sandra de Ovando’s passion for flowers and luxury design. If you’ve not yet had the chance to see the exquisite magazine, you can catch snippets of their discussion here…

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Angela Tunner: How did you come to discover your passion for flowers?

Sandra de Ovando: My love of flowers has been with me for as long as I can remember! Growing up in Mexico City, I often spend weekends gardening with my mother, and I especially loved to cut fresh flower to use in our home.  I started to design arrangements at a very young age, but it was later in my travels through Europe and Asia that I really developed a more definitive style.

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AT: Why are fresh flowers so important when it comes to making a space more luxurious?

SdO: In my opinion, flowers are some of the most beautiful living and breathing creatures in the world. And because they are alive, they also have a finite life cycle, thus making them all the more precious. When someone invests in beautiful arrangements for their home, store, restaurant or other space, it is a very clear indication of the quality of service that you can expect to receive, or else the quality of life that someone aims to embrace.

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AT: When buying flowers, what should you look for to ensure the freshest flowers?

SdO: Seasonality is very important when you’re buying flowers. Most flowers are now being grown all-year round in different countries internationally, but the best quality will still be seen when the flower is actually in season. This ensures healthier flowers that were grown in a more natural way, without the use of any kinds of growth hormones.

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AT: What are your favorite flowers to work with?

SdO: Roses, Tulips and Peonies: Because they perform! One can see the life and movement in the short life spans of these ever-evolving flowers.

Sweet peas: because they really do have the most incredible fragrance and are also very beautiful fragrances.

Carnations: Because they come in so many color varietals. And because they have such a bad reputation! Working with flowers that go against the grain can often create the most original floral compositions.

Orchids and Callas Lilies: Because they are so beautiful, so versatile and available all year long.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Angela. And to all of you lovely readers out there, be sure to pick up the magazine and flip to page 32 for the complete interview with Sandra!

Photos by Matthew Hanlon Photography

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