Amongst the dazzling assemblage of the world’s most distinguished luxury brands, Ovando’s Upper East Side boutique boasts a seasonally changing window display that is certain to evoke a double-take. Spellbinding shapes and colors, sometimes whimsical and often provocative, come together to create fantastical renditions of Ovando’s various inspirations: stunning holiday panoramics, fabulously stylized mannequins dressed with floral drapings, or elegantly monochromatic floral vistas. A step inside the boutique is equally as enchanting. Black walls act as an ever-chic canvas to the mirage of colors held within. The boutique is a sight to behold and an experience to remember.
Precisely so, it is with great pleasure that we are now able to offer the boutique space to you and your guests. Be it for a niche client event, a sophisticated press launch, a cocktail party or even an intimate dinner affair, Ovando’s Madison and 65th street boutique offers a truly singular space for your event.



For details on the space, please download pdf for the Floorplan & Space Details

We are happy to offer you our select list of preferred vendors, including caterers, lighting designers, and more!


For questions or to book your next event, please contact us at: 212.924.7848 x102