October 31 / 2014

Summer Weddings are Upon Us…

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Since as far back as she can remember, she’d spend hours upon hours dreaming about the day when she’d be robed in white from head to toe. Girlfriends and loved ones would gather around to tenderly admire her, indeed a beautiful bride. And, finally, she’d walk out into the picture perfect sunset, down a sandy aisle lined with white rose pedals, until alas she reached her groom. Beach weddings, and hence summer weddings, were always the weddings of her childhood reveries.

Today, in the mists of June’s warmth, summer weddings are indeed upon us! Our leading lady has grown up and perhaps even outgrown her attachment to the idea of a beach wedding. Luckily, there are several other ideas for spectacular summer weddings that Ovando would like to propose!

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As passionate urban dwellers, Ovando is quite enchanted with New York City rooftop weddings. Hidden up above the skyscrapers, a rooftop wedding offers the allure and energy of our city while simultaneously acting as an intimate oasis for the bride and groom to be. An arch or chuppah is the perfect way to powerfully frame the bride & groom, all the more stunning against a dramatic city skyline. Choosing bamboo or other heat-resistant materials is a smart choice in form and function: the bamboo incorporates gorgeous yet delicate color, and it’s also less maintenance-heavy when battling against high summer temperatures. The bamboo chuppah proposes an open and airy feel that’s absolutely perfect for an outdoor, summer ceremony.


If, however, you’re weary of the old adage, rain on the wedding day brings good luck, then put yourself at ease and bring the summer feel indoors! We’re not taking sides, but we can offer a few ideas on how to bring the al fresco feel indoors. Something as simple as using a summer fruit in your centerpiece arrangement is the perfect way to go. Mint leaves, lemons, strawberries, lychee nuts, and blueberry branches all add bold color and brilliant texture while also offering a seasonal and summery feel.

If you prefer earthier tones or smaller weddings accoutrements, herbal boutonnières are unquestionably elegant, fairly adorable, and wonderfully aromatic. Their subtle scents imbue the room with a sensation of summer…and one that your guests can take with them as a little keepsake of your special day!

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