October 31 / 2014

The Adventures of Floral Design

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Flowers are beautiful, elegant, composed. The production and installation of such stunning compositions, however, is perhaps slightly less glamorous… and we, of course, always enjoy the adventure!

The Adventures of Floral Design Ovando1

Our recent installation at the United Nations was indeed quite the affair. In conjunction with J Marshall Events, production team extraordinaire, Ovando participated in the “Every Woman, Every Child” annual conference at the United Nations on Wednesday, September 22nd.

Our design team arrived by 11:30 to launch the installation. Due to high traffic & security (perhaps per the current visit of a certain Mr. President), we parked our van a mere 3 avenues away and wheeled over the pieces for the installation. We were greeted by guard dogs and security teams who, understandably, graciously asked that we hand in our floral toolboxes.  Of course, we made due when we alas arrived in the conference room, ready to set-up our calla lily creations…only to find out that the panel’s podium had been raised by over two feet! No worries, we called in a back-up crew to bring in new, more appropriately sized vases. And everyone partnered wonderfully together to bring our creations to life.

The Adventures of Floral Design Ovando4

In the end, the flowers were beautiful, elegant, composed. And yes, we enjoyed the adventure!

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