October 31 / 2014

The Art of Gift Giving

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Flowers are personal. We emphatically and wholeheartedly believe that. They tell a story, they bring positive energy to any space, and they are living and breathing creatures that develop relationships with their admiring owners. Such is perhaps why flowers are and always will be such exquisite gifts.

Indeed we believe that gift giving can be an especially intimate exchange when there are 2 newlyweds tearing through the wrapping. But, we also know that finding that “bestowal-beyond-compare” can in fact be quite stress inducing! And so, fear not, here a few Ovando picks on how to tenderly add in that extra, personal touch.

One of our favorite Brooklyn designers, Mélangerie, offers an adorable, silk-screened “To Have and To Hold” cotton tote that can be lovingly festooned with breathtaking peonies from Ovando’s West Village boutique. It’s not only the ideal carry-all, but it’s also an everyday reminder of Mr. Beloved.

Our friends at Paperfinger can most certainly help squeeze in a few other intimate notes. Our favorites include the ever-so romantic love letter, or “letter of love”, transcribed in elegant calligraphy on fine Italian stationary. This is a perfect way for a Maid of Honor (or Best Man!) to make certain that the affectionate words of her speech are forever treasured. Paperfinger’scustomized return address stamps are another exquisite addition to the “tote of love”, as well as the ideal time saver when Mr. and Mrs. finally get around to sending out “thank you” cards!

Last but not least, one of our favorite photographers, Matt Schwartz of She Hit Pause Studios, is now offering some of his enchanting Polaroid prints for purchase. We’re of course partial to his beautiful collection of floral prints, framed in handsome, weathered barn wood.

Once your tote is plumped and primped, it will undoubtedly make an unforgettable wedding gift to help the Mr. and Mrs. forever commemorate their special day.

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