October 31 / 2014

The Floral Festivities: Bridal Bouquets

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August 18th marked Ovando’s floral arranging class focused on the splendor of summer weddings! Students gathered to listen to Sandra de Ovando explain the importance of angles, build and body when aiming to create a beautiful and well-shaped bridal bouquet.

While crossing flower stems properly is perhaps more difficult than it looks, there are a few seemingly obvious yet fairly helpful techniques that are important to keep in mind. One technique involves trimming down the cleaned stems (always at a 45° angle) before beginning to bundle the bouquet. This makes holding the “bouquet-to-be” more manageable so that rotating the bouquet properly is hence easier as well– it’s the ultimate time & stress saver.

The tactic involved in rotating the bouquet is, in and of itself, another determining factor in the piece’s ultimate fate. It helps to use a dedicated hand to hold and pivot the bouquet while the second hand is then used to continue adding stems to the arrangement–generally 3 at a time before the bouquet is shifted clockwise once again. Transferring the composition between hands often leads to intersecting stem angles, and hence a poorly primped composition…and most brides would attest to their preference for an evenly rounded composition as opposed to a sadly lopsided one!

Ovando Bridal Bouquets2

Lastly, any floral designer would emphasize the importance of looking at the bouquet from all angles. Even while rotating the bouquet is mandatory, one might easily get distracted with stem placement and thereby forget to keep an eye out for gaps, color balance and symmetry on the head of the bouquet itself. It’s suspiciously simple but nevertheless crucial!

We enjoyed once again and are looking forward to September 22nd’s class, “Modern Floral Arranging”!

(Photos by Ovando)

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