October 31 / 2014

The Floral Festivities: Orchids & Succulents

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Wednesday eve marked Ovando’s 2nd floral arranging class, focused on “Orchids & Succulents” and our design principles in combining the two species; one an ever-so-delicate blossom, and the other a far meatier plant prototype.

It began with snippets of curly willow as well as several sighs and giggles as our participants began fashioning the branches into Ovando’s signature vision vases.

Next came the Lisianthus and Mokara orchids, shaped and laid atop the willows, dynamically suspended within the vase.

And alas, the accent flower, an Ovando “must”. The pink Vanda orchids offered a rich focal point to finish off the “Opposites Attract” arrangement. We had such a wonderful evening! Call us over zealous, but August 18th seems terribly far away.

“Wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages” to come…!

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