October 31 / 2014

The Floral Festivities: Summer Flowers

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Our idea of a fantastic way to spend a Wednesday evening: chatting with friends, sipping from a fine vintage, and trying your hand at high-end floral design. And we were delighted to hear that the 13 lucky participants who joined this week’s floral arranging class enthusiastically agreed!

The evening began with snacks and sips of Sauvignon while creative genius Sandra de Ovando discussed some of Ovando’s design principle: bold colors, dynamic tension, minimalism. Then, out came the bare grass, the white stock, the chamomile, the sunflowers and the Vanda orchids. We giggled together encouragingly as participants looked quizzically upon their creations, until alas they snipped, tucked and twisted to perfection.

In the end, we were thoroughly impressed with each and every stunning “Summer Flower” arrangement, not to mention the perfectly formed Viburnum berry hand ties! And we hear that our participants had other admirers as well…

July’s session includes Orchids and Succulents and the design principles involved in combining the two…Don’t miss out!

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