October 31 / 2014

Winter Whites

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With Chanukah in full swing and Christmas but a few weeks away, we indeed find ourselves at the cusp of the winter season. As hopeless peony lovers, we know that it can be difficult to say goodbye to the splendors of spring and summer.  As lovers of snowy, silvery and ivory colors, however, we’re relish the opportunity to work with wintry whites! By then blending in a few wonderfully sonorous textures and dashes of color, you can easily add extra volume and distinctiveness to your white wedding.

Winter Whites Ovando1

We’ve indeed been inspired by many of Martha’s recent picks. Take for instance this gorgeous mixture of calla lilies, scabiosa, delphinium florets and lilies of the valley, wrapped in silver sequined ribbon (left). Even while predominately white and cream, the variegated textures create a very lush wintry feel.  This Victorian-inspired bouquet also has us all aflutter (right)! Framed with lady ferns and filled with Vendela roses and lilies of the valley, the bouquet is fabulously delicate but also has a strong presence.

Winter Whites Ovando2


Incorporating fruits and vegetables is another wonderful way to add texture and mix some subtle color into your winter whites. Take, for instance, this ranunculus nosegay, accented with olives and black ivy berries, and finished with black and white striped satin (left). The textured elements and subtle sprinkles of color add a modern twist to this romantic, wintry white composition.  So, too, do the glossy black beads in this lush hydrangea creation (right): contemporary glitz meets tender tradition, and it’s all wrapped up in super chic black satin. Exquisite, don’t you agree?

So, again, texture, texture, texture! It’s truly the perfect way to brighten up your floral décor in the chills of winter and add that extra lavish layer.

‘Tis the season…

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