Our Guarantee

Floral Arrangements

Please add room temperature water to your arrangement upon receipt.
For lasting enjoyment, change water daily and trim stems at a diagonal angle.

You may expect to enjoy your cut flower arrangements for 3-5 days, provided they are properly cared for. If an arrangement does not last 3 days, we will be happy to replace the arrangement free of charge.

Orchid Plants

Please give two ice cubes or two shot glasses or a quarter cup of water to your orchid once per week.
Place in a well-lit room, away from direct sun light and drafts.
When all blooms have bloomed, cut stem to the roots, continue watering once a week and place orchid in direct sun light…then continue to enjoy its continued growth!

Orchid plants, with proper care, should continue to bloom for a minimum two (2) weeks. If an orchid plant does not last for 2 weeks, we will replace the plant free of charge.

Note: Please continue to care for the orchid as specified above. Once the flowers on your orchid are gone, trim the flowering stem down to 1″ above the orchid leaves. The orchid may bloom again in the coming season!

Cactus and Succulents
Place in bright light and let the soil dry out completely before adding water to your cactus or succulents. Indoors this can be about 3 weeks for succulents, and about 1 month for cactus. Do not let any water stand directly on the leaves of these plants

Candles and Vases

NO REFUNDS. Ovando will gladly exchange your unopened and unused item in its full retail value for shopping credit.

Exchange by store

Ovando gladly accepts returns of undamaged or defective merchandise as purchased in our retail stores or via our online boutique www.ovandony.com. We offer full exchange within 30 days of original purchase. Requests for exchange of merchandise purchased by cash or check must be accompanied by the original gift receipt. Requests to exchange merchandise received as a gift must be accompanied by a gift receipt.

You can exchange your item at our New York boutique:

1091 Madison Avenue