This modern design features bright pink anemones and two-toned vanda orchids designed in our sleek rectangular vision vase. A sweet sentiment to show you hold them dear.

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Same day deliveries may be placed before 12:00pm EST by calling 212-924-7848. Next day deliveries may be placed online before 3:00pm.

Lush and compactly designed pink anemones and two-toned Vanda orchids in our leaf lined signature vision vase with accents of Jasmine vine.

Approximately 10″L x 3″W x 8″H

Please add room temperature water to your arrangement upon receipt.
For lasting enjoyment, change water daily and trim stems at a diagonal angle.
You may expect to enjoy your cut flower arrangements for 3-5 days, provided they are properly cared for. If an arrangement does not last 3 days, we will be happy to replace the arrangement free of charge.

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