November 11 / 2014

The 2012 BOFFO Showhouse

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Can you imagine coming home each night to the colors and textures of nature, or, by contrast, to a bedroom that holds a virtual bed? This year’s BOFFO Showhouse brought together artists and designers with the precise purpose of redefining possibilities on interior space, as fashioned according to four distinct themes: Nature, Future, Work and Play.

The 2012 BOFFO Showhouse Ovando1

The 2012 BOFFO Showhouse Ovando2


Each theme was conjured in the physical space of a bi-level apartment in the Madison Jackson building of the Lower East Side and, certainly, each 1300 square foot allotment pushed beyond the notion of contemporary living and interior design. Apartments instead offered a glimpse into what could be:

FUTURE: reveals a distant evolution of domestic lifestyle.

WORK: focuses on productivity both mentally and physically.

PLAY: allows for rules of behavior to be mitigated and rules of play to be reinforced.

NATURE: brings sensations of the exterior world to the interior world.

The 2012 BOFFO Showhouse Ovando3


Ovando collaborated with brilliant designers to create a Nature room that introduced a tropical forest-like atmosphere. BOFFO guests stepped into a world where furry chairs, wooden tables, and Ovando’s floating trees offered a sense of mystical escape.

The 2012 BOFFO Showhouse Ovando4


And while this year’s showcase ended on June 4th, the sentiments evoked will endure for some time longer. A tremendous thanks to BOFFO and artist, Andrew Yes for inviting Ovando to participate.

Photos by Ovando and Evan Joseph Images.

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