June 11 / 2015

Tulip Design & Fabrication

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We had the opportunity to work with an amazing organization, the Lupus Foundation of America, last month. We designed a giant tulip bouquet for the San Diego Walk to End Lupus Now.

The event, held in San Diego, California, at Liberty Station, Point Loma, raised more than $66,000 for the 1.5 million Americans living with lupus.

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Working from our client’s inspiration board, our design team went to work creating drawings and renderings for our clients to review. Once the design was approved by our client, our master fabricator and his team started building and welding the structure for this massive tulip bouquet. Utilizing wire and foam, our team created a system to house more than 10,000 tulips.

Once the structure was created, we shipped the project along with our team to California to install this stunning design for the Lupus Foundation. Thousands of walkers were able to visit and embrace the bouquet after their walk!

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