Unquestionably so, Sandra de Ovando was fated to become an influential force in New York’s design milieu.

Born in Mexico City to Spanish and Russian parents, Sandra fell in love with nature, flowers and bold colors at a very young age when she spent countless weekends gardening with her mother. “I was fascinated with the intrinsic beauty of flowers and loved to spend hours mismatching different colors, shapes and blossoms,” she remembers.

Later, in her travels throughout Europe and Asia, Sandra discovered exotic flowers, plants and fruits that she began incorporating into her designs, there the signature style was born that today defines Ovando’s dynamic compositions and custom installations.


Designs by Ovando are beautiful, elegant, simple, one-of-a kind, and timeless.

They create a lasting impression and touch your soul.

We believe in dedicated service

With an esteem of integrity, our team is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and will work around the clock to reach beyond the bounds of your expectations and imagination.

Our relationships are built on trust, reliability and honest communication; we ask the right questions and we listen.

We believe in culture

We are an innovative team that is both proud and humble of the work we create. We have confidence in each other's capabilities and can rely on each other. We enjoy the entire collaborative creative process as much as the end experience.


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